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The "in" lawsuit today is one being brought by employees who feel that they have been discriminated against or harassed in the workplace. Laws allowing employees to sue their employers have been used to make companies pay for lost wages, compensatory and punitive damages as well as the employee's attorney fees. We have successfully defended our clients in litigation of these types of claims(both EEOC and HRA). The insight gained from this work has enabled us to offer both legal representation in defense of other similar claims, as well as provide consulting services(including the production of handbooks and training) so that our clients can avoid these problems in the future.

Many of our clients have both worker's compensation and unemployment claims issues(based upon their use of independent contractors). The attorneys at Pike & Pike regularly appear at both the Workers Compensation Board and the Unemployment Insurance Board in defending its clients from such claims. We also provide analysis of a company's potential for workers compensation and unemployment liability(although many small businesses may classify certain persons as independent contactors, for workers compensation and unemployment purposes they may be deemed to be employees).

It has bee our experience that well written employment applications, employment agreements(for key employees) as well as a well drafted employee manual and policies can help in the defense of the overwhelming number of labor lawsuits being brought. We have assisted many firms with the drafting and negotiation of employment contacts and with the drafting of employee manuals. If you already have such contracts or an employee manual, we can review them for you and make recommendations based upond changes in the law since the time your documents were written.